In a stunning turnaround, Kingfish Fish House is moving to the US after being left out of the UK’s first “tourist visa” scheme.

The restaurant is hoping to take up to three months to open in San Diego, California, but the first day is the first for Kingfish.

The move comes amid a wave of tourism bans in the US, and the launch of the Kingfish visa, which lets visitors in for a one-night stay on a fishing boat, for up to six months.

The first tour of Kingfish’s new home in San Francisco is due to take place on Monday, January 17, at 7pm.

The company has applied for an additional tourist visa, and is expected to take on a full staff soon.

Kingfish said it had been in talks with the US government to secure its new home.

The hotel is not just a restaurant, but an important business partner in the industry, it said.

“The company believes this initiative will provide us with a long-term business opportunity,” it said in a statement.

King’s fish, sa and seafood restaurant in San Jose, California.

The Kingfish company was the first to apply for a tourist visa.

The firm hopes to open a restaurant in the UK in 2017 The King’s Fish House, a British company which owns Kingfish, is hoping that it can take up residency in the United Kingdom, where it is currently based.

It has applied to become a tourist tourist visa holder in the Republic of Ireland.

But a spokesperson for the Department for Exiting the European Union (DEXA) has told The Independent it is “not yet clear” whether the UK will grant the request.

It said the country’s Department for International Development had not yet responded to the request for information.

Kingfish also owns the “King’s” brand of fish, which is marketed as being made of fish and chips. “

We are in discussions with the UK authorities, and are hoping to open Kingfish Restaurant in the coming months.”

Kingfish also owns the “King’s” brand of fish, which is marketed as being made of fish and chips.

It is owned by French conglomerate Thales, which owns a raft of other UK restaurants.

The British government has been a pioneer in the use of tourist visas for overseas businesses.

It allows visitors to stay for a limited time in a country without paying a fee and then has a visa valid for up a year.

The UK has a strict visa system, which requires employers to pay a fee of up to £7,000.

But this does not apply to restaurants.

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