What is it about the Edmonton Oil Kings that makes them so exciting?

There’s always something that makes it so entertaining and fun.

They have a lot of heart, too.

Last season, the Oilers finished second in the Pacific Division with just under a point per game.

They made it to a playoff round in the second round, losing to the Los Angeles Kings, but winning in six games to capture their first Stanley Cup championship.

The team went on to win the Western Conference.

And they’ve won the Stanley Cups three times, so they’re not far from the top of the NHL in that department.

It’s not just about the Stanley cup.

There’s also a lot about the Oilers that’s about the team.

It started as a hockey team in Calgary, where it was founded in 1974.

The club was called the Oilers, and it’s owned by Dick Leage, the late Oilers owner and the current president of the Calgary Flames.

Leage became a mentor to the team, and his son, Don Leage is currently the club’s general manager.

The younger Leage was also a player on the Oilers in the early 1980s.

The club had a big splash in 1996, when it bought the team for $2.5 million from Dick Giordano.

The deal paid for a $1.9 million arena, which was built for $1 million and opened in time for the 1998-99 season.

In 2001, the club purchased the Calgary Stampeding Stock for $4 million.

That same year, the team announced it would be expanding the rink, and the team had a new home in the downtown Calgary Convention Centre.

The new arena was completed in 2006, with the new team playing at it from 2009 to 2012.

And, this past season, it became the home of the Edmonton Sports & Entertainment Group.

So, in the spirit of the new arena and the hockey program, what does the Oilers need to improve on?

And how does the Edmonton team, in comparison to the Calgary franchise, compare to the other teams in the league?

The team is in great shape.

There’s a lot going on.

The roster is full of players who can play at the NHL level.

There are two big holes that need to be filled, and that’s in the offensive end.

The first is that they’ve got to get better on the penalty kill.

They’ve scored three shorthanded goals this season, which is a career high for the team and second in their division.

There was a little bit of a trend that was started last season.

They were tied for the league lead in shorthanded shots.

So it was kind of a strange situation for them to start the season with that.

And I think the fans, as they’ve seen in the past, they’re very critical of the team on that.

I think that’s the reason for that.

Then the other problem they’ve been dealing with is that the team’s a little slow.

They’re a little too slow on the forecheck, and I think if they can get some consistency on that they could really get some wins and get into the playoffs.

But they need to add some depth on the back end.

They can’t get enough ice time.

And there are a lot that need help on the power play, too, where they’ve scored just three goals on the man advantage this season.

And so, if they could get some more power play goals, they could have some good things going.

They haven’t gotten any, so it’s been a problem.

So, they need a little help on that front.

And obviously, there’s also some areas that need improvement on.

I mean, there are still a lot to be worked on.

How can the Oilers improve on the defensive end?

Well, the goal is to be a more physical team, to have a better defensive game.

But I think it’s also about having some consistency.

I don’t know that they’re going to get to that.

But if they do, I think they could be very good at it.

So I think there’s a ton to be done.

And, of course, there has to be some good goaltending.

There were some really good goaltenders in Edmonton last year, but it was not a regular season goalie.

I thought they got lucky with a couple of those starts, so I’m not sure if they’re still in that league.

They’ll be better with some experience, so there’s room for improvement there.

They have a very young team.

But they also have some really talented players, and some players who could be in the NHL one day.

They could definitely use some more experience in net, and they need some players that can play in the AHL.

They might need to do that if they want to keep some of their key players.

And it’s a team that’s still in transition, but

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