Fish camp in the foothills of the Rockies, near the town of Ila, has been around for more than 200 years.

But this is the first year the camp has been open to the public.

The group’s members say it’s a family affair, a chance for members to reconnect and connect to nature and one another.

The Ila Fisher Association is a group of fishermen who have come together to help preserve a local fishery, with a mission to protect and restore it to its former glory.

“This camp is so important,” said the camp’s manager, John Kiefer.

“It’s a beautiful place, a place of friendship, of community.

It’s a place that brings people together.”

This summer, Kiefers crew will bring in new equipment, including a fish trap and a live fish.

This will allow for the gathering of a large number of fish and a chance to see a different side of Ilsa.

The fish camp is located in the high desert north of Ilderton.

John Kifer and his wife, Lisa, started the Ilsas Fisher Camp in 2016 to preserve a fishery that is in danger of dying out.

The camp’s purpose is to help protect the community’s fishery and bring in fresh fish.

“We love it here,” said Kiefes wife, saying the camp is a wonderful way to reconnect with her family.

It’s also a chance, for a family to reconnect.

“I love it,” said Lisa Kiefs husband, John.

“There’s a little bit of a love between us.

It was the only time I’ve seen them together in years.”

Kiefer is an experienced fisherman and his partner, Kifeler, is a local who has worked at the camp for several years.

They’re both very experienced in the field, but the fish camp offers them a unique opportunity to reconnect together.

They’ve been fishing for years and are well versed in the local fishers practices and gear.

They’ll be fishing in the water in the camp this summer.

Lisa Kief, a member of the camp, says she loves her family and the community.

Ilsas Fishing Camp is located just off the highway where the road to Ildenton runs through the foothill area.

The fish camp sits in a large area of the area where the land once was and the fishing gear used for the fishing.

Kifer, who has spent years restoring the fishery at the Ilford Fishing Camp, is working on a boat that he hopes to take home to sell on the open market.

He says it’s an experience he can’t imagine spending more time doing.

“It’s very special to be in that part of Ilfords landscape,” said John.

In 2016, the camp opened up and offered a new way to get in touch with nature, something he says will make his life better.

“I’m really excited to be back here,” he said.

To see the fish at the fishcamp, visit or follow on Twitter and Facebook: #IlsaFishCamp.

For more information on the camp and its mission, visit

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