The trend of people drinking the “un-fishable” beer from craft breweries is coming to Texas, but there’s no beer to be found in the state’s waterways.

The trend has been reported across the country and it’s not just in Texas, where some people are making their own craft beers, according to a report from the Texas Tribune.

A study by the Texas Department of Transportation found that nearly half of Texas’ population was drinking tap water with no fish at all.

According to the study, more than 1 in 10 people surveyed said they had at least one beer brewed in their home and more than one in four said they were drinking craft beer.

The problem is that beer, especially tap beer, isn’t supposed to be drinkable, according the study.

The tap water in Texas isn’t filtered, so any beer with an off taste is likely to end up in a tap, said Brian Prentice, a water quality consultant and author of the report.

People have reported having problems with their tap water since last year, when the state announced a ban on tap water from brewers after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ordered a ban of some tap water.

In the state, beer is generally allowed in tap water but not bottled water, so there’s not a lot of choice.

While people are being forced to make their own beer, some craft breweries are still using tap water to brew beer.

There are currently about 30 breweries that serve tap water and some of them brew beer for their taproom customers.

That’s a trend that will likely continue, said Mike Kowalczyk, who owns Kowalski Brewing in Waco.

“The water in our taproom is not filtered, and I don’t see any problem with that,” Kowalki said.

In some cases, brewers are even taking water from the tap to create beer, Kowalyk said.

He said it’s all legal under the tap water standards, and he wouldn’t be surprised if other tap water companies follow suit.

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