The reel reel for fishing fishhooks has become cheaper and the fishhook fishing lures are getting cheaper as well.

The reel of the 6th sense Fishing Lures Fishing Lure reel,which is made from plastic and is priced at Rs. 50, has come down in price from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 200, and the reel of a Fishhook Lures Lures reel has gone up from Rs 2,000.

The 8th Sense Fishing Lurers Fishing Lube reel has been made by the same company.

The reel is made of polyethylene plastic and it is priced from Rs 50 to Rs 200.

The 8th Senses Fishing Lurer reel is priced up from the same price.

These lures have a variety of fishhook sizes and colours.

A reel of 6th Sense Lures fishing lure reel is going for around Rs. 10, while a reel of 8th sense Lures lures reel is worth around Rs 3,000 in the market.

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