Elsie, a 15-year-old from Virginia, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes three years ago.

Since then, she’s been on a long road to recovery and today, she is a proud mother and proud aunt.

Elsie was born with Type 2 diabetes and has been diagnosed with a form of juvenile diabetes, which is considered more common in children with type 1 diabetes.

She says her diagnosis and treatment helped her become a healthier, happier person.

Elsie’s mother, Debbie Fisher, said her daughter’s recovery is proof that parents can be their own champions.

“I think this is something that has happened to so many of us, and it’s the way we were able to get through it,” she said.

“It’s the power of our love, and we can do that with our loved ones, too.”

When Elsie’s parents were diagnosed with diabetes in 2012, they took time off work, so she could go to the doctor to be checked out.

Elsi had a blood test and was found to have Type 1, which means her pancreas can’t properly make insulin.

“They gave her the drugs, and they told her she had type 1,” Debbie Fisher said.

That meant she was diagnosed and given insulin.

Elsa and Elsie are now at the very beginning stages of treatment.

Debbie Fisher has been living with her daughter at home.

She said Elsie is a bright, intelligent girl who is passionate about sports and is very active in her local high school.

She also wants to be a nurse someday.

Debbie said the Fishers have made a strong commitment to supporting their daughter through her diagnosis, even if it means not having her work for them.

“She’s our first priority,” Debbie said.

The family is now using Elsie as a way to share the message about Type 1 Diabetes.

“We want her to know that she can be proud of her parents and her family, that they can fight for her and that they’re not going to give up on her,” Debbie says.

ElSie has been in a wheelchair since she was five months old and has to have her legs fitted.

She was given a prosthetic leg, which she can use to walk around and to get around the house.

Debbie says Elsie and her father are very happy.

“He’s really excited, and he’s really happy that she’s doing better,” Debbie added.

Debbie and Elsi are both working part-time jobs and have a home full of friends.

“Elsie’s so full of energy,” Debbie laughed.

She loves her kids and she loves her job.” “

And she’s such a good mom.

She loves her kids and she loves her job.”

Elsie currently has a regular appointment with her doctor, and Debbie is currently helping with her work as a nurse.

Debbie has also started volunteering with a local church and a food pantry.

“Sometimes we get to do these things that we wouldn’t normally have access to, and I think it’s a big step in the right direction,” Debbie concluded.

“When she gets home, she’ll have a smile on her face.”

You can follow Elsie on Twitter @ElsieFisher.

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