By Lauren Hargreaves article A fish tacos and sushi restaurant in Florida was closed on Monday after a local health inspector discovered that one of its owners was too fat to work.

The incident occurred at The Fish Tacos & Sushi in the town of Tarpon Springs in Polk County, Florida, and led to a call for more information.

The eatery’s owner, John Kuzawa, is listed on the local health department’s website as a certified fitness instructor and a certified weight loss and dietitian.

However, his official photo and medical records do not show that he has a doctorate in physical education, or an MD, as required by state law, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

The owner also failed to provide proper documentation to the county health department, according to the newspaper.

The restaurant, located at 3201 South Lakeland Road, had been open since February of this year and Kuzaws family told local news station WFLA-TV that he started selling fish tacos a couple of years ago.

The fish tacos are usually served with a side of rice and a fried calamari, but the restaurant’s manager said that the tacos were always fried.

According to the paper, the owner also claimed to be a former World War II veteran, but that was not true.

The food is usually cooked on the grill and then topped with a fried avocado, avocado sauce and sour cream.

“We just love it,” said Kuzawas cousin, David Pardo, according the newspaper’s report.

“It’s a great thing for us.”

According to local media reports, the restaurant was open to the public until February 20, but since then it has closed its doors and has been shuttered for a month.

The Fish Taco Slaw is a taco with a shrimp and avocado sauce served with fried rice, which is the same type of sauce that is typically served with the taco at The Big Easy.

The menu is posted on the restaurant website, and the owner told WFLO-TV the taco was a success and a lot of people liked it.

However he was not able to explain the reasons behind the closure.

According the Tampa Tribune, the manager said he was unsure what caused the closure, and he did not immediately return calls requesting comment.

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