On the eve of the country’s annual fish cake, the price has soared by nearly $5 a pound.

The price of baked fish went from $0.89 to $1.06, a 40 per cent increase, while the price for antwone caught in Devon rose from $2.69 to $2,074.

The cost of a pound of bacon has also risen by £1.60, from £1 to £1,958.

But it is the cost of the fish cake that is the biggest story of the year.

Last month, the Government said that fish cakes are a key part of the UK’s seafood supply.

The cakes are sold on the Government’s website at a cost of £6.75.

The fish cakes contain bacon, a sausage, onion and tomatoes and are available from the Government Shop, which is part of supermarkets and fast food outlets.

But the price was raised by $2 a pound on Tuesday, after the Government announced it was raising the price on the cake to $5.85, which has been frozen for the time being.

That means the price will now be around $5, while it is likely to rise even further this month.

The rise has been driven by the rising price of the bread and butter that is used to bake the cakes, which have risen in value by $5 to $10 a pound, the Food Standards Agency said.

But there are many reasons why the price is going up.

One is the rise in the price the Government is selling the cakes at.

As well as the cake, there are the cakes made with butter and cream.

The Government has increased the price by an average of $2 per pound on top of the £1-a-pound increase.

The increase is because the Government wants to get more people buying fish cakes.

But this has also made it harder for supermarkets to get a fair price for the fish cakes, as they will have to sell the cakes to customers who are buying fish cake for less than £1 a pound rather than £5.

But for some people the rise is worth it.

“The cake is a great deal.

It’s cheaper than a lot of fish cakes,” said Paul Hurd, the owner of a shop in the city of Southampton.

“I bought a lot last year, but the cake has gone up by around $4 and I don’t have to go to the fish market to get it.”

He said that it was the price rise that had made him switch from fish cakes to fish and chips.

“It’s great, but it’s a bit of a hit to the pocketbook,” he said.

The rising price has led to a rise in demand for the cakes.

According to the Food and Drink Federation, demand for fish cake is forecast to grow by almost 4 per cent this year.

But some people are worried about the rising cost of fish cake.

The Scottish Government has already introduced a price increase of almost 20 per cent for the next five years on the cakes and has been lobbying for a similar increase for the rest of the cakes in Scotland.

It has asked the Scottish Government to review the current price rise and to find a way of increasing the price, although this has not yet been ruled out.

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