Fisher AutoParts, which manufactures the Fisher Spider, is paying Walmart to make fishing rods for its products.

The deal comes as Walmart, a big consumer of fishing gear, is expanding its sales by buying up fishing fishing gear companies, and is now trying to expand its business to include fishing poles.

In November, Walmart paid Fisher $5.3 million to buy the rights to produce fishing rods made by the company.

That’s up from $3.9 million the company paid in 2015, according to a recent report from Bloomberg.

Fisher has been in the fishing industry for decades, but the company is getting more into it as its products get more expensive, said Michael Hines, who heads up the Fisher Fisher Business Group.

The Fisher Spider is a fishing pole made with metal rods and has a 3-foot length.

It costs about $150 to build, but Fisher sells a full-size model for about $250.

The company is also looking at other types of fishing rods.

It is making a fishing rod that can be used with any type of fish, and it is developing fishing line with a fishing hook, hooks and a hookless version.

It also is developing a line with hookless hook.

The line can be made of PVC, polypropylene, aluminum or plastic, Hines said.

Fishing rods for the Spider can be purchased in retail stores or online, and they are available for $35 for a 10-foot rod and $50 for a 20-foot line.

Walmart’s deal with Fisher will be the first time that the retailer has purchased the rights for its fishing line, said J.J. Bowers, senior vice president of retail, merchandise and digital at Walmart.

The company is still looking to expand into the fishing line business, he said.

“We are pleased to partner with Fisher to bring the Fisher product line to Walmart,” Bowers said in a statement.

“Fisher’s fishing line is well-known and trusted by fishing families around the country.”

The deal is part of a broader effort to expand sales of fishing products by Walmart, which has been expanding its product offerings and has had a strong year in the industry.

Walmart is buying a $5 billion stake in online retailer Target, which recently started selling fishing gear online.

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