Fish and Game is reporting a dramatic drop in the number of bigmouth bass caught in Florida since last year.

That’s despite the fact that fisher king fishers are still fishing there, even as the number falls below normal.

In July, the state recorded more than 1,400 bigmouths killed, down from more than 2,400 the previous month.

That’s a 50 percent decrease in the past year, and the worst decline in a decade.

Fisher king fishery in Florida has seen a drop in bigmouth catches in the last three years.

In August 2016, the fishery was down to fewer than 1.5 million bigmouth.

By May 2017, that number had fallen to less than 1 million.

The fishery has remained below 1 million since.

The fishery is also losing the ability to find larger, more dangerous fish, and is seeing fewer fish and other wildlife that can help control the fish population.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has ordered the fishers to stop trapping and killing the fish.

Fish and game experts are also concerned that fishers aren’t keeping up with the pace of the fish migration.

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