I don’t know about you, but when it comes to penis-eating fish, I’ve never been attracted to them.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a special appeal.

We recently had a penis-eating dolphin named Peni, who I had the pleasure of chatting to via a video call, as well as a pair of dolphin penises called Peni-Fish and Peni Penis. 

In an exclusive interview with FourFourtwo, Peni’s owner, Brigitte Schmitz, explains why the dolphin is an all-purpose male and why the fish is the ideal male for penises.

I wanted a fish that I could put on a dinner plate and take with me, not a man who is just going to sit there and be an asshole. 

Pollen-like, penis-like Peni-fish have a long and storied history.

According to Wikipedia, the dolphin was first described by a British scientist in 1885 and became widely known as a male dolphin in the 1970s. 

It was named after a German physician and animal lover who described the fish as having “a peculiar and unusual, rather peculiar smell”. 

Schmitz wants to preserve the fish’s inherent femininity, but the dolphin’s owners say they’ve always been adamant about the fish being a male and not a female. 

“I don’t care if it’s a male or a female,” Schmitsitz said.

“I want the fish to be a man and not just a man-to-woman thing. 

We have a lot of different male fish out there, so why not just have a peniscopus?” 

It’s all about biology, Schmutz explained, adding that the fish has a very unique and distinctive smell. 

As a result, Penis-Fish can smell penises and even smell a man’s blood. 

Schmidt, who has a history of owning and breeding dolphin, explained that the species is very different from the dolphin and Penis because it has no testes, so it’s not able to produce testosterone. 

For this reason, Schmittsis is not worried about the penis-fish’s long history. 

 “Penis-fish don’t do anything for us.

They just sit there, and they’re happy, so we have a little bit of leeway,” she said. 

The dolphin’s owner says she also wants Penis to be “manly”, but admits the fish might not be the best choice for you if you’re a woman.

“I would not say that they’re a good choice for a woman,” Schmutz said, explaining that Penis has an extremely long penis. 

But, she added, “we do have other types of fish that are a little more feminine than Penis and the fish I have is a little gentler.” 

The dolphins owner added that Peni will have to wait until the next mating season before she can try Penis Penis, but she hopes the dolphin will give the fish a shot before the new year. 

You can watch more interviews with Peni by following the fourfourtwo and fourtimes social media pages.

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