I was reading this article about the internet and I thought, ‘This is great!

What the heck is going on?'” he said.

But as his curiosity grew, he began to notice the differences in how the internet works today.

He also noticed a trend of people saying things that were off-topic, but in fact were about what he was trying to get across.”

The internet has been an amazing platform to be able to talk about what I was trying, and also be able share my ideas and thoughts about the current state of the world,” he said, noting he was able to post a comment on the BBC’s Today programme about the lack of diversity in science and technology.”

And I’ve been able to share my own thoughts and ideas on a range of topics.

“Mr Kostin said he had noticed a lot of new people on the internet now.”

We’re getting a lot more diverse, people are getting more educated, more diverse people are speaking up on topics they weren’t before,” he added.”

This is the internet, this is not the internet in the past.

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