A new crypto-currency offering fish nets is set to be available for sale in a US market.

A user of the website Fishnet.us, a trading platform for fish net products, claims that the new crypto currency will be the first crypto-to-crypto-currency exchange to be made available for public sale in the United States.

“In the near future, you will be able to buy fish nets with cryptocurrency on the Fishnet platform, and also fish nets using Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

It’s the first time in the world that fish nets will be offered for sale on an exchange where you can trade crypto currencies,” the user wrote.

Fishnet.s user also claims that there will be a total of 1,500 fish nets available for the market to purchase, with the coins being sold through the platform.

The cryptocurrency market has been struggling with rising costs due to the increasing number of fish being caught in the US.

A recent report from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) found that in 2017, US fishermen lost $2.2 billion in fish net revenue, and a similar report released by the Department of Commerce showed that US fishermen saw an average of $15,957 in fish losses due to catch.

Fish net sales have been decreasing in the U.S. in recent years, due to a number of factors including the increase in demand for smaller fish, as well as concerns over the effects of climate change on fish stocks.

In September, a group of states led by California introduced a bill that would make it illegal to take part in the recreational use of fish nets, but the measure was blocked by a federal judge in June.

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