This week, the BBC asked readers to vote for the best fish for the planet and the top 10 species to eat in the wild.

The poll was run on Twitter and Instagram, with responses ranging from “fish fillets and lobsters” to “tuna and squid”.

Here’s what they said: 1.

Trout The fish that has been the most popular of the top ten is a blue-eyed perch, which is a big part of their diet.

The fish can grow to up to 30kg, and are often eaten in huge numbers in the UK, where they are sometimes referred to as “fish on a plate”.

But it is a great source of protein for people who eat fish.


Lobsters This is another fish that people tend to love, with a range of different species and habitats.

There are also many varieties of lobster and other marine fish.


Cod The cod has been eaten in some form in many parts of the world for centuries.

However, in the last 50 years it has become increasingly popular in Europe and the US.

It is now the world’s second-most popular fish.

It has a high nutrient value and is often eaten raw, with the skin and flesh also used in soup.


Oysters These small fish are one of the most common fish in the world, and have been around for thousands of years.

The main advantage of oysters is their ability to be cooked, and they are also rich in vitamins.

They can be used as a supplement in cooking, as a meat substitute or as a snack.


Cod, Pike and Perch Cod is a traditional delicacy in the Americas, and has been around as long as there have been humans.

It’s used in soups, marinades and sauces, and is also a source of fibre.

The Pike is an important ingredient in the creation of many different kinds of seafood, and the Perch is one of our favourite seafoods.


Trout, Mackerel and Bass This group of fish are great for people with allergies, and can be consumed raw.

They are also very nutritious, and good for the heart.

Fish are also great for making and keeping a diet rich in fibre.


Squid This is the most commonly eaten fish in England and Wales, but is also eaten in parts of Asia, Australia and the Caribbean.

Its flavour and colour varies depending on the species.

It can also be used to make sushi.


Salmon Salmon is a popular choice for people in the tropics.

It comes in many forms, including sashimi, fillets, and head.

Salmon is also very popular in the North Atlantic, where it can be caught in the Baltic Sea.


Trout in the Lake of the Woods A lake in Scotland where salmon are caught and eaten is the ideal place to catch a lot of trout.


Bass This is a huge part of the UK fish food, and it can easily be caught on a boat in some parts of Europe.

However there are also plenty of species that are good for eating raw.

These include tuna, cod and oysters.

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