If you’re looking for the perfect grilled mutton, try these two easy recipes from Houston-area chef Ryan Cramer: “Mutton with Spicy Dried Vegetables and Tofu” and “Fried Mutton with Rice and Mushrooms”. 

Cramer’s Mutton in a Bag is a dish of mutton that’s grilled and then served over rice and veggies, and his other two recipes are more of a “gravy” version of the traditional dish, with a bit of meat thrown in. 

The dish’s name refers to a traditional Japanese dish that has the meat and vegetables mixed with vegetables and then fried. 

Cramers Mutton is a classic American dish, and I love it on a regular basis.

It’s a great way to pair with rice, noodles or meatballs, and you can always add more if you want to make it vegetarian-friendly. 

In a pinch, you can use this recipe for mutton balls as a dip for rice. 

“Gravy Mutton” is another classic American recipe.

It includes fried and roasted mutton and other ingredients, along with a spicy dusted onion, and it’s usually served with a side of rice.

It works well with steamed vegetables, or you can serve it over pasta or even baked potatoes.

“Tofu Mutton and Rice” is a traditional dish made with mutton cooked with vegetables, and is an excellent way to share with a friend or family member.

It uses only the best of muttons from around the country and is served over steamed rice or pasta, and can be enjoyed warm or at room temperature. 

Finally, if you’re craving the classic meat-free recipe “Mutto”, the recipe is based on a classic dish made from mutton from northern Italy, and we’re using it here.

It makes a delicious dish of roasted muttons, mushrooms and onions, topped with sauteed carrots, and serves over rice or noodles. 

These are some of my favorite recipes from the United States.

You’ll love these dishes when you visit. 

If you’re new to cooking, you’ll love the free videos below that show you how to make any of these dishes.

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