A restaurant in the Gaza Strip recently decided to use an antwerp fishing rod, saying it would be better for the fish than an electric one, The Jerusalem Mail reported on Friday.

A customer, who asked to remain anonymous, told the newspaper that the tilapias she ordered for her husband and children were “better than the electric one,” adding that it was “better” to have an electric rod for the restaurant’s employees.

“We were going to use this antwerpen rod for them, but when I saw it, I thought it would better for them,” the woman said, adding that she had no reservations about buying the fish at the restaurant.

She added that her husband ordered the fish with a “sharp” antwerping rod that he bought for $2,400.

The restaurant said it was a “local” brand of fishing rod.

The restaurant’s owner, Tarek Shukri, told The Mail that it “wasn’t a question of money, we were looking for a good rod that is reliable, reliable for the environment and for the fishermen.”

He said that he was “very sorry” to hear that his customers had bought the fishing rod without consulting him first, and that the company had apologized to them.

“The customer bought a fish without consulting us.

We will try to get her to buy it again, but it will be better than the antwerper rod,” he said.

Tillapia is one of the few species of fish that is not native to the Middle East, but is often consumed by people from Asia and Africa.

It is the main ingredient in tilapian soup, and is also used as a snack, a popular ingredient in Japanese cooking.

Tilapia has a long history of being eaten as food in both Israel and the Palestinian territories, but was banned by Israel in 2002 following a wave of attacks on Palestinian farmers that claimed more than 200 lives.

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