Minnesota fishermen are no strangers to seafood.

Fish sauce substitute is a favorite, and Minnesota is a hotbed for it.

But now that Minnesota is considering a ban on the fish sauce substitute, Minnesota State Police are warning the public to avoid the product.

The state’s new Fish Sauce Substitute Program is in the works, and a spokeswoman for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety tells National Review that it will be up to Minnesota to decide whether or not it will implement a ban.

State Police spokeswoman Lisa M. O’Leary says the department’s position on the Fish Sauce substitute has not changed since she joined the department in August 2017.

“The department is in constant contact with state and local officials, and our primary focus is ensuring that the products we use are safe,” she wrote in an email.

The Minnesota Department Of Public Safety has also said it will look into the use of the fish substitute if it is deemed to be a health hazard.

But in an interview with The Minnesota Star Tribune, a former state trooper who worked in the department from 2010 to 2016 said that he never heard of a problem with fish sauce substitutes.

“No, no, no,” he said, adding that the department has never had any concerns about fish sauce substitution.

Fish Sauce substitutes are available at most grocery stores, drug stores, or online.

A spokeswoman for a manufacturer told National Review in a statement that the Fish Saver is an approved product in the state of Minnesota and that it has received FDA approval to market it.

The company also told National Reviews that it does not intend to impose a ban based on whether or where a manufacturer’s product is sold.

MSP spokesman Steve Roussel said the department does not comment on pending litigation.

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