I’ve heard many people say that Carrie was in the right, but she was naked on a fish for Sale sale, which is a legal grey area.

It’s also an extremely unusual way to sell fish.

But when a Canadian woman was arrested for selling fish on the side of the road, authorities said they were baffled.

In a police statement, they said they believe the woman is selling “the flesh of fish” because it’s illegal to sell the meat of fish in Canada.

A lawyer for the Fish and Wildlife Service said she would be charged if she is convicted.

The Canadian Association of Fish Growers called the fish sold on the roadside “illegal” in a statement to CBC News.

But a Fish and Game spokeswoman said it was not legal to sell dead fish because it wasn’t an approved sale.

“The legality of selling dead fish is governed by federal regulations, and they do not apply to people who have a valid fishing license,” said Jennifer Ouellette, a spokeswoman for Fish and Gam.

“If anyone does anything illegal, they will be prosecuted and they will lose their license.”

The government of Nunavut did not respond to CBC’s request for comment.

But Fish and Parks Nunavik says the province’s regulations don’t apply to those who are “in possession of a valid hunting license.”

Nunavak has a very strict law on selling fish.

“No person shall sell fish from their body, or other parts of their body.

It shall be unlawful to do so,” it reads.

Fish and the Game have been tracking the cases, and are currently waiting for a case to be filed against the woman.

Fisher’s lawyer, Jennifer Aul, says she’s willing to fight the charge, but said she’s not taking any chances.

“I would like to see the law enforced to the fullest extent possible and to ensure that we continue to have the ability to do that as a nation,” she said.

“It’s not like I’m going to take a plea bargain.

I’d be willing to take the full penalty that I’m being charged.”

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