AUSTIN (AP) – The National Wildlife Federation says the nation’s largest salmon farm has been able to keep salmon stocks healthy in the face of climate change.

The group says the state of New York has the largest fish farms in the country, and it’s a blessing for the fish and the fish farm.

The NRF says the NRF has been tracking the farm for decades, and now it has a report on the farm.

It says the farm has a large fleet of fish tanks and can hold more than 100,000 pounds of fish per day.

The fish farm also provides food to local farmers.

The farm is one of the largest in the nation and was founded in the mid-19th century.

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation says there’s not much fish in the wild at the farm but they do catch small salmon.

The organization says there is a good supply of fish in their ponds.

The NRF also says the fish farms catch up to 300 million tons of fish a year.

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