Fishing boat rules go fish are still up in the air as to whether it’s legal to fish on them, but a new rule that went into effect Friday afternoon has been put in place to keep them in the water.

The FISH rule is a temporary rule, a “fishing guide for the ocean” that is supposed to make it easier for fishermen to navigate the rules, according to the Federal Fishing Commission.

Under the new rule, all boats operating in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico must have a “Fishing Boat Navigation Device,” a device that will allow them to navigate along the open waters of the oceans.

“The FISD has received numerous requests from fishermen to allow them access to the navigational devices and will take appropriate action as necessary,” the agency said in a statement.

“The navigational device must be clearly visible and be in the right place at the right time to allow for the vessel to navigate safely.

The navigational gear must also be in position at all times, be clearly legible, and be easily accessible.”

It is unclear if the navigable device will remain a part of the FISDS or be removed from the rulebook.

The FISds rule book has no mention of the device and does not specify the location of the navigated boat, according the agency.

Fishing boat operators will still be required to use their own gear to navigate.

The agency is still looking into whether the gear can be used to navigate on a boat owned by a private company or by a person with a commercial fishing license.

Fishermen who use the navigatable device will not be required in a “public manner” to wear the gear, according FISDs rule book.

A spokesman for the Fishing Commission said that the commission will be reviewing the new rules, but he did not know when that might happen.

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