In a world where people are trying to spend less money, it is no surprise that there is a growing interest in fish tank decoration.

From simple to elaborate, from the colourful to the rustic, we’ve put together a list of some of the best fish tank designs that can be bought for less than Rs.50.


Albert Fish Tank 3.

Alantar Fish Tank This is the kind of fish tank that would fit in nicely on the wall.

The fish tank has a very basic design with a few simple pieces, such as a small aquarium and a few little lamps.

You can add up to five lamps, which makes this fish tank extremely versatile.


Bambi Fish Tank Bambis are one of the rarest fish in the world, so it is very difficult to find them.

Bamboo can be seen all over the world and they are also known as ‘sponges’, because of the way they grow.

The bamboo in this aquarium has been covered with a layer of white paint to make it look as though it has a sponge.


Batshees Fish Tank These adorable little birds have a special affinity for fish.

A lot of people believe that batshees like to fish, and they even have their own tank to fish in.

The only thing separating them from other fish is that batshes have small holes for their prey to swim through.


Catfish Tank Catfish are known for their colorful personalities, and this fish has one of its own.

The Catfish is a large and well-balanced fish that can easily be taken on a trip.


Chameleons Fish Tank Chameleon fish are not very common in the aquarium world, but they are a wonderful addition to any aquarium.

This aquarium has three different chameleon tanks, which can be used for the Chameleen fish, Chamelett fish and Chamelet fish.


Common Puff Fish Tank Some people think that a common puff is an underwater tank, but it actually consists of a large bowl of food.

The aquarium also has a few tiny lamps to light the bowl.


Daffodils Fish Tank Daffods are a species of fish that are usually found on beaches in Australia.

This tank is an excellent addition to a beach, or for those who don’t want to spend much time in the water.


Galapagos Sea Turtle Fish Tank A unique fish tank is also made out of sea turtles.

These sea turtles are able to swim up to six meters in the air, which means they are perfect for this aquarium.


Golden Trout Tank This fish tank will probably look familiar to you from your favourite cartoons.

This fish is a cross between a shark tank and a sea turtle tank.


Kiteshark Tank A kite shark tank has many features to offer.

A kitesharks shell and its fins are filled with fish and its tail has several fins on it.

It can also be used to create a small, circular, glass aquarium that can house a variety of fish.


Little Chinchillas Fish Tank While most people don’t think of kite sharks as aquarium fish, they do have their uses.

The Little Chins are small sea turtles that can go up to 20cm long.

This kite fish tank, as it looks, has all the features that you might want to look for.


Mahi Mahi Fish Tanks A fish tank can be made from a variety and shapes, including a chinchilla, a kite, a squid, a catfish, a duck and a fish.

This little fish tank would fit perfectly on the walls of any house or any restaurant.


Muscovy Tank This tank, which looks like a fish tank but is actually made of muscovy, is perfect for a family reunion.

This is a great place to have a big fish in one place.


Rainbow Trout Tank Rainbow trout are among the most beautiful fish in nature.

You will find that the rainbow trout are beautiful, and a beautiful addition to the aquarium.


Salmon Tank Salmon are very unique, and if you are looking for something different, look no further.

The salmon tank can house up to 12 fish and their shells are decorated with patterns and patterns are visible in the tank.


Sea Snails Tank Sea snails are small crustaceans that have a very delicate texture.

Their shells are covered with various textures and patterns that can make them a great addition to your aquarium.


Squid Tank This sea snail tank can have different sizes and shapes to accommodate different types of fish species.

The shells of this fish aquarium can be decorated with various types of colorful patterns.


Sunfish Tank A sunfish tank is one of nature’s best additions to any home.

Sun fish are known to

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