How to eat a fish taco in seconds with @eric_fisher’s recipe

A fish taco, which is basically a taco filled with a fish, is one of the most popular foods in American culture.And while the Mexican food truck, Sushi Panda, has its roots in Mexican restaurants, it’s more than just a taco truck.Sushi Panda is actually a Chinese restaurant that specializes in fish tacos.The idea behind the sushi restaurant is that […]

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How to grill a baja salmon taco in your backyard

When it comes to brim fish tacos at your local restaurant, you’re probably going to have to start with the baja.The Mexican-inspired tacos are traditionally served in baja restaurants in Mexico, but in the United States they are often served in chains such as Baja Del Sol, a Mexican chain with locations in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta and New […]

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