What the fish is doing in a room that looks like a room with a swimming pool

The king’s fishhouse has some pretty neat decorations.There’s a fish, a shark, a tiger, and a frog in a pool, and the room is decorated with the fish, shark, and tiger from a different episode of the show.But when Recode spoke to the team behind the house, they weren’t sure how much of it is real.“I’m not sure we know […]

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Fishing company says it will pay to lure tourists into its sa fishing vessel

In a stunning turnaround, Kingfish Fish House is moving to the US after being left out of the UK’s first “tourist visa” scheme.The restaurant is hoping to take up to three months to open in San Diego, California, but the first day is the first for Kingfish.The move comes amid a wave of tourism bans in the US, and the […]

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How to feed and water Koi Fish

The American Council of Fishermen says it’s calling on the Trump administration to “immediately halt” the sale of King’s Fish and Koi fish from the federal fish sale program and to make a permanent change to the regulations.Koi fish is a popular fish that can be found in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, and can be fed to tilapias, salmon, […]

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