Fish Sauce Substitute Makes Popeyes Fish Sandwich Taste Better Than Ever

“You’ve got to have some fish sauce.If you’re making a fish sauce, you need some fish.” “It’s not like you’re putting fish sauce on your sandwich.” “It’s a little fish sauce in there, just to give you that little bit of sweetness.But it’s definitely a flavor boost.” The Fish Sauce Recipe for Popeyes’ Black Fish Sandwich, which is available at the popeyes restaurant […]

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When ‘King Crab’ caught in an Oregon fishing hole, the fish is in the news

The KING CRAB has been in the spotlight in Oregon for months now, thanks to its capture by a fisherman last month in Lake Tahoe.Now, the king crab is back in the headlines again, thanks in part to a post on Reddit.Redditors have been sharing photos of the king croc in various places around the state, and the king is […]

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